24 January, 2008

Bug Jam 15 - 2001

Some more really old pics today, still in the 2001 retrospective mood, this time of the first Bug Jam I ever attended (Bug Jam 15), these are actually low-res scans of 35mm prints (so please forgive the poor quality, these being the only pictographic record we have of the event), nice to see that not too much has changed in the intervening years (apart from the billions of new attendees), right down to scans of the ticket and map -
Bug Jam 15 #1
Bug Jam 15 #3
- from before we set off, to the *huge* queue -
Bug Jam 15 #4
- which we now routinely skip by arriving at about seven in the morning -
Bug Jam 15 #9
- and they were still running the jet funny car back then -
Bug Jam 15 #7
Bug Jam 15 #6
- even managed to grab a shot of it zooming past(!) albeit blurrily (but then it is going over 220mph)...
Bug Jam 15 #5
Anyway, this was the famous year that Flyingpops took her life in her hands and actually ran the strip in her 1303S during the "Run What You Brung" (under full race conditions) -
Bug Jam 15 #10
- getting an about average time for the class of vehicle (and an excellent reaction time) -
Bug Jam 15 #2
- I must admit, I thought she was nuts...your insurance is void during the race...and as we were in the queue I was examining some of the other runners, even the door handles had been bored out to reduce weight, and Flyingpops' Bug still had all our camping stuff in the boot! Hehe... ;)
Bug Jam 15 #8


Flyingpops said...

Don't forget, I also had on my festival hat to 'look good'......Oh those were the days....
It was such an adrenaline rush, I would love to do it again, but sadly I don't think Colin would like it too much :)

Anonymous said...

I hope who ever has the pleasure of driving your old beetle has as much fun in it as you had...perhaps one day you will meet again at one of the vw festivals...I will never forget how excited you were when you first drove it home x

Anonymous said...

Finaly found a photo of me dressed up as rupert da bear..