29 January, 2008

Sculpture in the Workplace - Grenville Davey - Little Emperor

Just took a couple of snaps in the lobby this morning when I got to work, as some rather interesting pieces have been installed (ten in all I think) by Cornish artist "Grenville Davey" (born in Launceston, funily enough), I must say it is nice to get a bit of culture with my commute, even if I don't know a lot about art... ;) -
Grenville Davey #1
- this one particularly caught my eye, entitled "Chess", I was drawn immeditately to the high contrast and then lingered, curious as to why there are three colours of pieces engaged -
Grenville Davey #2
- this one is "Eye/Engine" (see it from another angle in the background of the next shot), it's quite a large piece, I like the muted reflection in the dishes, it made me think of those chinese lion drums (for some reason) even though it more closely resembles a gong arrangement, but judging by the title I have the wrong end of the stick completely ;) -
Grenville Davey #3
- and finally "P's and Q's", which is quite a pleasing piece, if I had more time I might work out what word is being skewered at the bottom, I've seen a picture of it in a rural setting and it actually looked a *lot* more impressive, somehow, a lot of the impact is lost because of the staggeringly imposing surroundings, put it outside in Jubilee Gardens and it would draw a lot more attention I think...


Ys said...

i like the chess piece. it's pretty. that's about all i know about art: if it's pretty i like it!

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

Aw, thanks for commenting Ys...!

Anonymous said...

Hi Fink, thanks for the feedback, The artist and curator will be in the lobby talking about the work on tues 12th at 1pm...would you like to come? it's free!

Ellie, Public Art Canary wharf