21 December, 2007

Aftermath of the Office Christmas Party

Earlswood Station - Foggy Sunrise
Well, never seen a commute like it, there were *empty* *seats* on the Jubilee line... <:0

Got into the office at 08:45 to find it absolutely full of slightly malodorous colleagues who never actually managed to make it home from the office Christmas party(!) some of whom have managed something like one hours sleep under their desks (from the sounds of things)...I missed it as I was at Flyingpops' work having drinks by prior arrangement (but nothing like as colossal a "good time" as this lot seem to have had from the sounds/look/smell of things)...

If I had been left in any kind of doubt as to the nature of the event, it was immediately dismissed when I discovered this discarded wrapper for a "Novelty G String (with animal sound)" laying by my keyboard...
Novelty G string (with animal sound)
I'm almost relieved I missed it (although the photo oportunities would, no doubt, have been plentiful)! ;)

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