26 July, 2007

Silly Search Terms #10

Well, haven't done one of these for *ages*, so just another little batch of the more amusing (some funny, some strange and some downright disturbing) search arguements that have resulted in (often confused) visitors ending up on one of my posts, while actually after something *rather* different -

"what to do if you accidentally roast silverside" - Urm? Eat it?

"brown paper package bomb exploded kid subway book amazon" - Hrm, this must be some mis-hit for this little story from my past...

"how cook rice in 10 seconds vw" - Urm, you can't..? Even if you do call upon the powers of Volkswagen...in fact, judging by our mini kitchen in the camper, it would take even longer than usual... ;)

"dirty birthday animation gif" - Not guilty me'lud...

"unfloatable wood" - Urm, well perhaps extremely water-logged soft, porous wood might not float, can't think of any specifics though, and certainly never brought the subject up here...

"funny looking homemade mobile campers" - Don't listen Colin! :(

"symptoms eye saw 'laser mouse'" - Urm, were are you doing with your mouse to get sore (as I imagine you *meant*) *eyes*??

"Argo strike silver salt" - Sorry?

"ranch dressing rash" - What were you using it for to get a rash for goodness sake??

"'water polo' steaky" - not quite sure what this is all about, but I think I can guess, and no, they were wearing their cossies, thank you...!

More of these here, if you like this kind of thing... ;)

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