01 January, 2008

Welcome 2008!

Hurrah! A *brand* new year to play with! How often does that happen? ;)

This next one has some pretty amazing things *already* lined up for it too...not least my *wedding*...*gasp*...and honeymoon, not sure if I mentioned it before, but we are going to Mexico (home of the chilli) and I am quite inexpressibly excited about both...and if that's just the *start* of the year, who knows what the rest of it will hold...! I'm already playing "My Spanish Coach" on my DS in preparation...(level 6 right now)...not, with it's proximity to the USA, I am anticipating *really* needing it, but anyway... ;)

Christmas was as wonderful as I had hoped, starting just after leaving the office with a nice trip on the DLR -
Canary Wharf DLR #3
- that's Docklands Light Railway (for the non-Londoners), which slightly unsettlingly totters along it's elevated rails sans driver (one step up from Homer Simpson I suppose, but hmmm...) -
Canary Wharf DLR #1
- anyway, passing the lovely docklands views, I arrived at Bank (it actually goes straight into the underground at this point), I rather stupidly decided to do some extra shopping in Oxford Street (which was complete Bedlam) -
Oxford Street #1
- and Carnaby Street which was also crazy, but staggeringly wonderful in aspect -
Carnaby Street
- bedecked, as it was, in Empire-State-Building-sized paper chains (completely shaming Oxford and Regent's streets)...had a pretty dismal journey home too getting stuck at Redhill bus station for about an hour clutching my gifts, gritting my teeth and frowning at strangers playing rave from their mobiles (in a most unchristmassy fashion) -
Redhill Bus Station
- but made it home and totally collapsed...had a very happy Birthday, as already documented, Christmas eve saw us go to Tandridge Church where I snuck off a couple of shots of the preparation (as we arrived about 30 minutes too early) -
- which was (despite the wait) really lovely...which set the mood for the rest of Christmas, it's been an excellent break, and loads of fun, despite Flyingpops *and* Nanjan being a little poorly, but they seem to have both got over it now (just in time to go back to work)! Hehe... ;)

Anyway, a most heart-felt HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ONE AND ALL, and I raise my New Years Day glass to many, many more for you, and yours... :)


Ys said...

Happy New Year to you, too. I was also sick over the holidays - seems a lot of people have suffered this year :/

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

Well, NHS direct had 61% more calls this year than last, looks like the evil Norovirus is going epidemic...bleugh... >;P