17 December, 2007

Jubilee Line - Severe Delays (again)

So after a lovely weekend, doing the decorations, heading to Dorking car boot sale to buy the holly wreath for the front door -
Dorking Car Boot Sale
- nipping around Tesco buying tasty goodies (including masses of naughty cheese), we even managed a bit of "Santa Claus - The Movie" on Sunday night then today, still feeling reasonably contented as we got the the station, firstly the train is delayed, only by a few minutes, when it arrives it's only four coaches (but Flyingpops and I manage to find seats next to each other), so still okay, get down into the tube at London Bridge and the Jubilee line is completely closed! No way to even get into the station...After only a moment's hesitation I decided to try and find the secret entrance that I had once accidentally come out from (much to my confusion) in Borough High Street, as it couldn't possibly be any worse...found it after only about a five minute walk and it was both open and empty, result! So got down to the platform and it didn't look *too* bad down there (thanks to all the main entrances being closed), but still had to wait and watch four tube trains go past before I finally managed to ram myself into a space slightly too small for me between other frustrated commuters...get to Canada Water and (unusually) there are even loads of people waiting here, so many cram on (to many complaints from the already crushed inhabitants) that just after we leave the station the train grinds to a complete halt, the driver comes on the PA system emploring everyone to please move away from the doors (as the trains safety system shuts the engine off if it appears that anyone is trying to force the doors open, and that includes anyone leaning against them), in the end he threatens to walk down the train to "Carriage 2" (although he offers absolutely no help in identifying which coach "Carriage 2" is, front or back?) to forcibly remove whoever is pushing against the door sensors, and by some miracle the offending person/s finally manage to understand and shift themselves...usual tube journey time is about 9 minutes, today it took 40...

Roll on the Christmas break...

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