12 December, 2007

Tony Heriyanto and Gavin Brooks (of Balfe Street)

Kings Cross Flood map
Time for another "good deed", a comment appeared on this flickr picture yesterday from a chap caled "Tony Heriyanto" who is desperate to find an old friend of his called "Gavin Brooks" who used to live at 17 Balfe Street in Kings Cross (just down the road where where I used to work) but says that everything he tries to post to that address just gets returned to him...

He provided all his contact details (a little innocently, however that gave me some satisfaction that this isn't a scam or anything illegal), so yesterday I asked Renemy (who is still in the area) to print out the details and post them directly through the door (which she did), however, it's rather likely that Mr Brooks has moved house (hence the returned mail), therefore, Gavin Brooks of Balfe Street, if you read this (through vanity searching your own details on the magic interweb), click the picture and drop Mr Heriyanto a line!

Wouldn't be the first time the internet managed to facilitate something good and nice...Although I must also remember to suggest that Tony checks facebook... ;)

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