23 December, 2007

Duncan Scott (of the Beano!) Caricature Birthday Card

Duncan Scott (of the Beano) Caricature
Wow, check out the birthday card my folks got for me! A frighteningly accurate caricature, hand drawn by Duncan Scott (cartoonist for the Beano)...!

Thanks everyone for the lovely gifts! The rest of the day will be filled with going for lunch somewhere nice, watching the Golden Compass and playing Mass Effect on my 360!



Alan said...

So glad you liked it!
We are now reassured that you were brought up properly. Hope you don't mind if I send Duncan a link to your blog? Everyone needs their 5 minutes of fame, and this has to be the ultimate accolade.....

Ys said...

That's a pretty cool card :)

Was the Golden Compass any good? Looks like a Narnia rip off to me so I can't decide whether to spend the money seeing it or not.

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

Tell you when we get back!

bigblue said...

Ah, that card's cool. Happy birthday; hope you enjoyed the movie. I did although I found it missing lots of bits from the book that meant there was less character development (e.g. Mrs Coulter and Lord Ariel).

ys, I guess you could say it's "Narnia for athiests" ;-)