03 December, 2007

How to run PSP Daedalus r13 on Custom Firmware 3.71 M33

So I had a bit of a struggle trying to get Daedalus working on my 3.71 M33 PSP yesterday, no matter what I tried I just got an error message saying the program couldn't execute, I did a bit of playing around (and head scratching) and discovered that it wasn't just Daedalus not working) all homebrew functionality had been lost as a result of the upgrade...! Some digging around on the forums brought me eventually to the solution - it turns out that somewhere along the line (don't run a lot of homebrew, as you can probably tell) 1.50 capability seems to have slipped into a separate module (which certainly didn't used to be the case), however, it's really simple to get it all up and running again. Just do the following if you are in the same situation I was yesterday -

Go and grab WinRAR (if you don't already have it) then get this file (150kernel_addon2.rar) and this file and then just follow the instructions in the readme.txt file and all will be well with the world again...you'll have to power your PSP down completely after the installation before it starts to work again by the way...my train journey shot by playing Mario Kart 64 this morning...(and yes, I do own the original... ;)

Roll on R14... ;)


jwaltz said...

nice i've got a similar setup on my modded xbox...

Nes, Snes, N64, TG16, sega... all the old school roms and emulators for even more hours of wasting time.

Anonymous said...