19 December, 2007

Christmas Spirit *gasp*

Rainy Redhill #2
I dunno what it is but everything seems to be on a go-slow at the moment, might be everyone getting mentally prepared for the festivities (for example, a few of the papers yesterday ran a story claiming that 1 in every 26 people in the UK pulled a sickie on Monday), but two of my buses and two trains in the last two days have run seriously late, and it's very cold waiting for them, and I can only find one of my gloves but for some reason I don't feel stressed about it at all...

In fact, despite these little blips, every day I wake up feeling like it's Friday and it doesn't seem to matter that it isn't (when I come to my senses)...and I'm carrying that feeling of quiet excitement that greets me first thing in the morning with me through the whole day...

Could it be that I have found some "Christmas spirit"?

In other news, my R4 arrived yesterday (woo hoo!!), just need to get my NDS back from my mum now... ;)


ginco said...

Imagine a stampeding herd of buffalo, large, fierce wild cattle with big horns charging thru our town!! The wee little beasties here won't think of going slow.

Fink, I'm very concerned about my most humorous commenter in Bloggyland - Tom Hopwood!
You're most likely the only one who knows the truth about his whereabouts, and I sincerely hope that nice man's alright!!
Please tell him, we wish him and his wife Eve a Blessed Christmas, and I'd really love to see him back on the blog in the New Year!!

To you and your loved ones Fink, have a wonderful Christmas!!!!

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

Ginco, much Christmas love to you and yours!! But if we can skip the stampeding horned cattle in Surrey then all the better! ;)