15 December, 2007

Christmas Tree is up...!

Christmas Tree #2
It's filling the room with an amazing "pine" smell... ;)
Christmas Tree #1


Anonymous said...

very pretty tree, but I thought your walls were white and they look yellow in the pic...have you had time to decorate????

Anonymous said...

decorate - yeah right! Walls are white, but the lights reflect on the wall to give a lovely amber shade. Its simply stunning and whilst I did want a bigger tree, I think this one is pretty perfect :)

Count down has now begun to my new job (Thurs), Finks birthday (next Sun) and Christmas... ohh such a busy time of year..

Casdok said...

Very festive! Love the pine smell!

Ys said...

Very pretty and festive. I think our decorations are going up today. I just can't get my head into Christmas Mode this year :/

Darfuria said...

Have fun cleaning that one up once Christmas is out of the way. I remember having a real tree one year. I swear I still have the pine needle scars.

Your word verification on the comments generates some of the most interesting combinations.

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

It's *supposed* to be a non-drop one, but we have already had to hoover once! ;)