19 April, 2005

"NY Boss" is over again this week...Smithys for Lunch

...and we had a number of matters to attend to, *but* work being as busy as it is at the moment, we took a long lunch to chew them over (ouch! :)...I opted for Smithy's (as the choice was, once again and graciously, mine)...after considering the menu for a while (and fighting off (successfully) my inner "Always-take-the-big-steak! You fool!" daemon) we both ended up going for "The Cheeseburger" (hang on, stay with me! It's in quotes and capitalised for a reason!) -
Click for a larger image...

- now, you must forgive me for frothing slightly at the mouth, but this is the kind of burger you really only deserve in a dream...freshly minced steak of serious quality, cooked to pink perfection, oozing with juices, dripping with melted cheese, nestling comfortably in a heap of quality leaf and sliced red onion, topped off with thick sliced steak tomato and a generous swipe of a simple tomato relish on a warm toasted bun, so fluffy you would think it had just come out of the oven...mmmmm!

"Time based bulk"'s lunch of last friday *flickered* briefly, in a sort of wilted, pale version of a flashback through my mind as I stretched my mouth as wide as it could possibly go...to..just... (*strain*) ...take....the... (ah!) ...first...bite........*fade to (rather satisfied) black* :)


Tom Hopwood said...

Looks great, do they do a large?

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

Hehe...well, you can dispense with the bun and mincing etc. and just go for the slab of meat, but that is probably less filling (in fact), unless you have two... ;)