20 April, 2005

God Bless Flickr.... 8)

So, as you may have already read, traffic is (although not *massive*) still, far too huge on this blog for a free Flickr account to be sufficient. I therefore had to sign up for a "Pro" account (hell, it's cheap anyway, works out less than £2 per month)...

The *wonderful* and totally unexpected bonuses that Flickr blessed me with today were warmly received, double subscription time (1 year becomes 2), double bandwidth (1Gb becomes 2Gb)..and two free pro accounts to hand out as I see fit, one I have given to "Torquay Slag" as he has already demonstrated his excellence in the field of photography to me, the other is open, so please, drop me a line if you think this second free account should be for you... ;)

1 comment:

Tom Hopwood said...

Wish I'd read down sooner, free is my favourite word. Still, reckon I can manage a twoer a month. :)