22 April, 2005

The answer...I think...? Moon vs Camera

...to this question, found here (in full) - The summary is as follows -
{snip}"The explanation is believed to be as follows. We 'know' that a cloud that is overhead will be larger than when it moves towards the horizon. And an airplane that is a mere speck on the horizon becomes large when it is overhead. And we are all familiar with standing under a tree which seems enormous, yet at a couple of hundred paces seems insignificant. It would seem that so much of our world is interpreted this way that we are ill-equipped to cope with an object like the moon, that subtends the same angle at the eye, whatever position it occupies in the sky. And so our brain 'interprets' the image that it 'sees', and tells us that the moon is larger than it really is".{/snip}

Still not entirely sure! But it does look like it is the brain at fault rather than the camera...*thumps head a few times* >;P

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