01 February, 2011

Grand Theft Milk

Time for an update on the whole milk going missing in the office situation...I actually think we have found a solution! As you can see, I have tried a number of approaches to labelling up the unfinished bottles - to list a few - my name, "DO NOT STEAL", the above "Reddit style" frown of disapproval with admonishing query, even "NOT MILK" didn't work...the final solution, now successful for three days in a row (even though he never even goes into the kitchen)? Put the name of the boss of the department on the bottle, not even the lady whose job it is to clean out the fridge dared to touch it... ;)

1 comment:

Tom Hopwood said...

Nice one mate. I would have been inclined to lace it with a laxative then keep a watch on the bog LOL.