31 January, 2011

F.lux - Automatic VDU brightness tool

Wow, it's all about links today, but I just have to share this one! ;) Check out this neat bit of (totally free) software - F.lux - it's basically a little toolbar app that automatically, and gently (if you check the "Slow 60m" check box during configuration) adjusts the brightness of your VDU depending on the time of day - it's location aware, so it knows when the sun is about to rise/set and will tweak the temperature accordingly, there is also a handy button to quickly disable it for an hour if you want to be doing something temperature critical (like photoshopping some pictures), it's supposed to be of great benefit when it comes to doing things like trying to go to sleep after extended periods staring at a monitor with the brightness turned all the way up (and let's be honest, when was the last time you actually manually adjusted the brightness on your VDU to account for environmental factors? It's only ever for battery life)...gotta be good for the environment too... ;)

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