07 February, 2011

New Surrey Streetlights - Update

Time for a quick update on the new street lights, as (I guess) it's going to end up affecting everyone in the UK (eventually), in the past few days, I would estimate 80% of the lights on the estate have gone from looking like this -
New Surrey Streetlights - Whitebushes
- to looking like this (if you click that picture below to zoom it in, you will be able to more clearly see the little radio antenna atop the lamp used, presumably, to remotely control it) -
New Surrey Streetlights - Whitebushes
As well as being impressed with the speed and smoothness of installation, I'll have to admit to also being slightly bemused as to (a) why they were still blazing in the middle of the day (and b) quite why I was continuing to refer to them as "lights" when they weren't actually doing a terribly effective job of illuminating everything when it was dark-
New Street Lights - Surrey
However, as luck would have it both questions were answered when I bumped into our resident representative from Southern Housing as I was out taking these pictures - apparently during this testing phase the lights are set at about 50% of their capacity, and to run 24 hours a day so they can eliminate any (unlikely) failed installations/faulty kit, once they have run for 3-4 days like this (and passed an inspection) then they will be switched to "normal" operating mode, so (if you are interested) watch this space for a further update coming, probably, later on this week...

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