01 February, 2011

Save our Forests!

Okay, time to do some do-gooding again, this time, please sign this petition to ask the Con-Dem government to NOT sell off all our forests to the highest bidder...short sighted idiots... >:(

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SenseofTumour said...

Signed, as I'm with you, you know only too well how much good it did this country to flog off the railways, and I already know they'll sell em to anyone, who'll just come in, harvest anything they can sell, then leave the land to rot, until they can find a way to sell it back to the government, at which point it'll be tax money fixing the neglect.

Next stop, save the post offices, it's not privatisation they need, it's investment, as the staff at the bottom are run ragged, having worked as a postman. I don't like to sound like a tabloid journo, but I do think you're going to rip the heart out of many small towns and villages by scrapping their post offices. If we ever wanted to send a card to Scott, for instance, we'd better be ready to pay DHL about thirty quid to deliver it, without the Royal Mail.