10 February, 2011

Free Childminding Kit!

ICT resources for childminders
Wow...just *WOW*...Day before yesterday Flyingpops went to Leatherhead to pick up her box of "toys" (that she has been due for a while) to help with getting started as a childminder (courtesy of the local council), but oh *boy* - when we opened it up (it came in that lovely white wicker storage box at the back of the shot) it was a case of open mouths all round, the contents I have inventoried for you below (working roughly top to bottom, but you can click the image to see the notes I have added if you like) -
(and that's not all)
ICT resources for childminders
- she also got (to make it up to her for the delay in getting the toys to her) a hard storage box filled with about 30 (very expensive) kids books...

I don't even want to *begin* to tot up how much that little lot would have cost us to buy (the camcorder alone is worth £85, and kids books cost about a tenner each)...

Urm...*astonished gasp*...thanks council! ;)


Shabby Chick said...

Blimey, I hope I get the same!

Anonymous said...

that is great just think of the fun you will have with all that.