03 February, 2011

Earlwood Crime Map!

www.police.uk - Crime in Earlswood
Well, here it is, after trying (on and off) for almost 36 hours I've finally managed to get a completed search out of www.police.uk...the decidedly dull result? Lots of "Antisocial Behaviour", or ASB as they are calling it (unsurprisingly mostly at the nearby hospital) and a few miscellaneous crimes which aren't embellished with any sort of interesting detail...I'm not sure what I was expecting, but actually this doesn't tell me very much that I didn't already know - for example, I'm well aware bored kids on the estate muck about outside smoking and drinking 10p taurine drinks while they are waiting for Mum to finish burning their turkey twizzler dinners, and I'm also well aware drunk teenagers (air lifted en masse from Redhill/Horley town center) regularly express their displeasure at loosing their fight (outside the pub) to the kind doctors and nurses trying to stitch them back together...but just categorizing everything else as "Other" makes all the rest of the results rather pointless, worse still is the fact that there isn't any information about whether any of these crimes were investigated (after they were reported), let alone solved...so basically (in office/twitter banter) it's come down to a numbers game - "Oh, you had 1260 crimes in your area in December? I only had 3"...but none of us are really any the wiser, it's just a list of how many people rang the police to report a crime...For the insight I've been afforded, I'm not entirely sure that was worth £300k of tax payers hard-earned, frankly...

Still, no doubt it'll do wonders for certain parts of London's house prices... >;(

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