22 February, 2011

Thomas at 19(ish) months

Thomas watching the Shinco
Well, here we are, Thomas is now (roughly) 19 months, not *much* has changed since my last update (still obsessed with food/books/etc.) apart from one or two brilliant things-his sudden realisation (when presented with the dusty Shinco in preparation for possible upcoming holiday flight) that moving "In the Night Garden" could come out of something book-shaped (and on his lap) was priceless (twenty minutes of wide-eyed smiles and pointing)-
Thomas reading his magazine
- discovering that he can now climb (by himself) into an adult chair to sit and read his own magazines (very clever) and some really cute new vocabulary...over the weekend we witnessed the emergence of "Hello Mumum!!" and "Hello Dadn!!" when he came running up to us, successful pronunciation of "Router", "Xbox", "Laptop", "Mouse" (although that is with a confused face as it doesn't look much like the other mice he has been introduced to) "Controller" and "Remote" (just starting to trust him in the technology/patch cupboard) plus "UH OH!" when something falls onto the floor...oh and he has learned how to nod his head (instead of just shaking it while saying "No!")... ;)

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Tom Hopwood said...

Absolutely brilliant, you should leave a few copies of New Scientist lying about for him lol.