03 March, 2010

Earlswood Crime Scene

Earlswood Station - Crime Scene
Oo-er! Got to the railway station the other day, only to find that it has been transformed into a crime scene! Desperate (and obviously rather strong) villains managed to pry open the front of the ticket machine and steal all the pennies (and perhaps more importantly, the blank tickets - if they can get a good font match, that is)...
Earlswood Station - Crime Scene
...probably not much chance of catching whoever did it either (apart from the fact that whoever is investigating put the tape on upside-down), the CCTV in the area has been vandalised so often they gave up replacing it and put up a mirror instead (for all the good that will do) - update - there are now in fact some cameras, up by the Indian Restaurant, so there may well be some footage...very unusual for there to be any sort of brush with the criminal underclass in our neck of the woods, it's normally such a lovely, quiet sort of place...how exciting!

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