17 March, 2010

Thomas has two teeth now!

The first tooth came through on Monday, the second tooth yesterday afternoon.. we've had a few grizzly hours, a loss of appetite, bad tummy and waking at 4am for 1 week (for 10 minutes only, phew!) but we put it all down to the antibiotics (which have successfully cleared up the chest infection).

Now, Thomas has 2 teeth, a MASSIVE appetite and is catching up on all the sleep and not waking at night.. HURRAY!!! Well, until the next tooth appears!

Thomas' first teeth!

OK, picture is not that great, but you get the idea!

Update - Picture fixed


Flyingpops said...

in fact, it's not a bad picture for a camera phone!!!

Mum said...

Wow! won't be long before you are sharing those steaks!

Tom Hopwood said...

Yahoo, coming through. Bless his heart.