09 March, 2010

DLR - Three carriage trains

DLR sign - Canary Wharf
So my toe dipping continues, having not had any of them seriously bitten so far (just a slight nibble one morning when there was a signal failure at Canary Wharf) thus far it's pretty much all positive...so far, while I have been comfortably seated, enjoying the view from the elevated rail of the DLR I've gleefully ignored three automated text messages from TFL informing me of serious delays and merrily deleted two bearing news of complete suspensions of the Jubilee Line (which I am not missing at all) and have chortled to myself at the flustered and sweaty, grime smeared colleagues arriving 50 minutes late, clutching Metro newspapers crushed beyond all possible use (other than Papier-mâché), sharing tales of the total collapse of society (that seems able to happen underground on a daily basis) and shocking invasions of personal space...It's just the cherry on the top that my change of route seems to have coincided with the introduction of larger three carriage trains (meaning things are even less crowded) - the train I boarded this morning offered me a choice of ten different seats (as opposed to a sausage of space a contortionist would scratch their head at - and politely decline)... ;)

The next step is to see (as I am no longer breaking my journey in zone 1) if I can save any money on my train ticket...

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