23 March, 2010

Cheaper *and* better route into London?

One Canada Square
So, it was new train ticket time (again) yesterday morning, meaning we had to be out of the house a bit earlier (thanks to the state of the machine the queues have been rather longer than usual just lately)...and having had nothing but good luck with the new route, I decided to see if my crazy idea to save money was just that, or if it had any mileage...

(**WWTBAM tension music**) - Well done, you have just saved £750 a year on your rail travel...!!! ;)


Update - Sorry, that *definitely* should have read "Bazinga!"


Anonymous said...

so what are you going to do with the money you have saved?
hope you are all well samxxx

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

Well, we don't have that money *yet*, it will be a saving we make gradually over the next year, unless I get an annual season ticket in a weeks time, of course... ;) So that means it will probably go on nappies and pizzas by osmosis... ;)

Flyingpops said...

and there was me thinking it would be a holiday!!! I'm quite happy with a week in Cornwall ;o)

Anonymous said...

that would be nice. you wouldnt want to be here at the moment, rain, wind, rain and more wind, not nice at all.