11 November, 2005

Hare Krishna News

Well, looks like my mysteriously active, but poorly executed photo has been posted on Hare Krishna News now...! Glad I wasn't rude about them in my posting (hehe)... ;)

Just kidding - anyone who starts a "business" offering the magical combination of free internet access and free curry is alright in my book... :)

It does make me wonder what the cash model is here though...I mean, (although this is a blatant generalisation) they obviously can't be short of a bob or two - I saw one chap last week in Wharfdale road, in his robes, happily loading his bongo drums into the back of a rather new looking Audi hatchback...and curry and broadband don't grow on trees...and when was the last time you saw a Krishna divotee asking for a donation?

I will have to investigate... ;)

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