10 November, 2005

Krispy Kreme

There is a sign, in the middle of the pavement, in Kings Cross, just outside the local "Tesco Metro" on the Caledonian Road -
Click for a larger image...
- it's, oh, I suppose normally about 6 or 7 meters from the entrance to the shop and once inside the store, the actual doughnut display is tucked right round the back. Past the tills, past the tobacco counter, past the newspapers, past the sandwiches, deli goods and snacks, past the chilled section...and yet, stood there, by the sign, the smell of "Krispy Kreme" frosty toppings assualts your nostrils with a power to rival the smell of dope when walking past the hemp shop just down the road...

There must be a "Krispy Kreme" smell emitter somewhere around there, either that or they sellotape a few doughnuts inside the sign each morning... ;)

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