02 November, 2005

My subconscious...

...(sorry, no time to actually post anything from the last few days- but-if you are interested - ) while the "Master Control Program" is idling, the background engine in my mind seems to pick random snippets from my experience to echo, I've been half heartedly keeping a list (for about a month now), so if you would like to peer therein (during downtime), see the list below -

  • Various tunes from the Zelda series, especially "Ocarina of Time" (N64)
  • The opening tune from Final Fantasy VII (PSOne) called "Prelude" (midi version you can listen to in that previous link)
  • The line "lotsa times, when a body comes out of the water, there's like, leaves and thangs in the mouth" from the autopsy scene in "Silence of the Lambs" (yeah, odd, I know...)
  • The theme tune to the 80's TV show "The Smurfs"
  • Occasionally a pop song or other from the radio that wakes me up in the morning (but rarely)...most notably "Play that funky music" by Wild Cherry...
  • Two lines from "Day of the Dead" - "It's the R Cortex, Sarah, that central piece of primordial matter that controls our baser instincts. It's the motor that drives them..." (in a posh English accent) and "My job is to fly the whirlybird...and I'm doing that job just fine" (in a strong Jamcian accent)...
  • The words "Hoy!!! **CANADA**!!!" (being yelled in a strong Japanese accent) from the anime of the manga classic "Akira"....
  • Arnie saying "Sarah Connor?"

But, the undisputed winner, popping in at least twice every day -

  • "So long, and thanks for all the fish", the *incredibly* catchy theme music to the recent movie version of "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" (which must, by now, be very annoying to the people that work around me!)

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