18 November, 2005

Jack Frost

Frozen car
Originally uploaded by finkangel.

...has offically started his winter duties as of Tuesday this week, which was the first frost of the year (in Surrey at least)...black bin liners on the windscreen and plenty of WD40 squired into the locks in the evening (before he starts playing his little game) means for a much easier life in the morning...for some reason the locks on the Golf just freeze up every time, which is really annoying...need to get some de-icer on the weekend, I can do without all that scraping every morning... ;)

Really pleased we did the preparation in the garden before this cold weather hit now, despite the expert advice being to await the first frost before stripping the beds, it's not funny at all to be gardening in this weather (and I know that all too well)...brrr!

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