17 June, 2010

Twitter lists - How to

Forced into *some* sort of action after the rampant success of #duncansdream and an ill advised dip into #followfriday, I suddenly found myself (at the tail end of last week) following (and being followed by) rather a lot of new people on Twitter...rather than (slightly rudely) unfollowing those people who weren't being terribly interesting (or seemed to think that #FF is a fun thing to do, not only on Friday, but on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday) I came to a simple solution...set up a list to filter my feed a bit...It's pretty straightforward, in the Twitter interface just hit the "Lists" option, hit "New List", give it a name, then view your "following" list and on the right, next to each person/news agency/marketing exec there is a little icon that (logically) looks like a little list, click it and hit the little check box (for everyone you do like reading about) and the jobs a good 'un... ;) Now, instead of grazing your tweets from the home tab, just click your shiny new list in the nav on the right for a noise free twitter experience (don't mind reading it all on the web, but it's a bit of a pain when I'm on my 'droid)... ;)

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