10 June, 2010

World Cup Office Watching Policy

I remember back when I was contracting at GE during the World-Cup-before-last (2002 was it?) in order to avoid staff calling in sick during their countries matches (it was a huge, multi-national team) *all* the matches were shown in the office...various groups of people would scuttle excitedly off to one of the TV equipped meeting rooms from where (for 90-odd minutes) there would emerge a string of swearwords and expressions of joy in various languages (terribly educational) followed by either a miserable procession back, scarves trailing behind (followed by lunch at the pub) or whooping, hugging and flag waving (followed by lunch at the pub)...

I'm not *entirely* sure what's going to happen here in my office, but one thing did spring to mind (not being a great fan of football)...if the England matches (at the least) are put onto the TVs that hang off our office walls, doesn't this set some sort of precedent for grounds of discrimination against other world sporting events? Am I not supporting "England" (in a way) by following Jenson Button on the Friday practice in the F1? Okay, bad example...but what about those fans of other international sports that happen to take place during the week? Or those workers that aren't fans of any sport in particular and are completely left out in the cold to answer everyone else's telephone?

There's no easy answer as to exactly what the *right* way to handle this is... <:S

In other news, I drew Brazil in the office sweepstake... ;)

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