29 June, 2010

Branston Hot African Chakalaka

Branston Hot African Relish
Wow...love this stuff, no idea where it comes on the Scoville scale, but *boy* does it pack a punch...my previous favourite sandwich spread (from the same range) was the jalapeno variety - now to be relegated to the "merely puny" category - this one (with Peri-Peri) is quite extraordinary, zappy hot and beautifully sweet...the Hot African Chakalaka...luckily it was on BOGOF in Tesco on Friday (and keeps for a good long while) - so I bought six (and I'm not even joking)... ;)

Besides, how could you possibly resist buying something with a name as charming as Chakalaka...I'm sat here now, just itching for someone to ask what I've got for lunch today... ;)

I'll say it just once more (promise I'll reserve future repetitions for Twitter)...Chakalaka la la la... ;D

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