25 June, 2010

Finks Links #101

Friday! Internets 101s today! ;)

Remote-Control Tron Legacy Light Cycle Defies Gravity (toys were never that good when I was a kid)!

Hey, that's a slick speedboa....whoa!!!!

"the parachute and capsule were in the top of a pine tree. That meant I got to use my new tennis ball cannon"...school project balloon and camera into orbit... ;)

Exactly as awesome as it sounds - Skydiver photographs shuttle launch... :0

Send your name to Mars (again, in my case)...refresh a few times, they've had server issues... ;)

I got home to find my 4 year old son had installed a new security system...

National Rail gets themselves another great excuse to use for late trains...

Just another day grinding on a TF2 server...WTF????

...and finally a rather embarrassing Los Angeles Health Department Fail and a twelve year old boy news caption fail...

Have a great weekend everyone...! ;)

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