30 April, 2009

Olympic Stadium Update - April 2009

View towards the Olympic Stadium
Okay, so time for a little update on the stadium for the London 2012 Olympics, this, again what a lovely day (not), is my view across East London from One Canada Square, and here is a view at the absolute limit of the zoom on my camera -
Olympic Stadium from Canary Wharf
- and you can see, since my last look on the 2nd of March, quite a lot of activity has actually taken place...the main white structure is now almost complete, and the seating areas appear to be completely finished...everyone here in the office is making comments about how small it appears to be, but I can't begin to imagine that it's some sort of Spinal Tap napkin incident taking place down there (although that would be hilarious), it has to be the perspective... ;)

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