17 April, 2009

Finks Links #60

Friday again (already!), got to love these short bank holiday weeks (hehe...and two more to come next month)...so it's time, once again, to share a few of the things from the web that have engaged me over the last few days... ;)

So lets start with the 53 new (old) tombs uncovered in Fayoum, Egypt, including some of the best preserved mummies ever found!

An incredible illustration entitled "Holy Sh*t - We are *small*" [pic]

Some amazing laser etched stacks of dollar bills... [pics]

Some rather cool Tetris inspired furniture...

The worst cosplay costumes...evar...(the Gundam one is hilarious)... ;) [pics]

Some incredible surreal art...

Wil Wheaton urges us to whip out our old console hardware...

"Just zoom it all the way in"...quite clever... ;) [animated GIF]

Meet the worlds strangest research lab - "FLIP"... [video]

Check out the biggest aquarium window in Asia (in Okinawa, Japan)... [pic]

Check out some pictures from an incredible make - mini arcade machines! [pics]

Discover that in 2003 an honest proposal for how to get a probe into the centre of the Earth was published in Nature magazine, only bad bit was trying to find a country who didn't mind scientists blowing a 984-foot deep hole in their back garden with a nuke to get things started...!

A very important T-shirt to be wearing if you are thinking about experimenting with time travel...

Some excellent fast food advertising vs reality shots...(amazingly some of the reality shots actually look better)! [pics]

...and just to finish the week off, a funny Pram fail and a hilarious bomb blast fail... ;)

More next week, have a great weekend...and be careful out there!

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