28 April, 2009

Giant Tabasco sauce bottle

Giant Tabasco
Wow, what a surprise! Came in this morning to find a giant bottle of Tabasco pepper sauce had been deposited on my desk! Just over the last few weeks I've been cooking up a roast free range chicken on a Sunday lunchtime, disecting it into handy portions and bringing it in as cold cuts to enjoy for my lunch, everyone around me has been heartily amused at the amount of Tabasco I get through while I eat it (roughly a small 57ml bottle per week, which I suppose is actually quite a lot when you stop to think about it)...
Giant Tabasco unboxed
So Alan from the maths bit of the display advertising department, while he was in Costco over the weekend, spotted this giant one, got one for himself (for home) and one for me (as an early birthday present - he *says* - although rumour has it he has been spotted helping himself to nips from my little bottle from time to time, so I suspect it's as much a present for him as it is for me, and I can share)... ;)

Looking on the back of the box, it's quite clear that bottles of this size are aimed at a completely different audience to the little ones, quoting, as it does, how many teaspoons of the stuff you should add to 30-egg scrambles or gallons of thick soup, or in substitution of a heaped teaspoon of black pepper for the required level of heat...so just for reference, one teaspoon of Tabasco is roughly equal to half a teaspoon of fresh cayenne pepper...so now you know... ;)

Thanks Alan! :)


Anonymous said...

WOW that's a whopper! not sure what it does to your insides if your consuming a small bottle a week though... so sorry if two people are, but I know you were bought up to share.... enjoy!!!

Flyingpops said...

and is that really your desk? It looks far to tidy... I remember how it was in the old days at FP!!!!

What a kind colleague though... I'll try to make some cakes to say thanks (minus the tabasco!)