29 April, 2009

Angelsounds Jumper - Baby heartbeat monitor

Angelsounds Jumper
So Flyingpops splashed out on one of these high-tech foetal dopplers (the gadgets you can use to hear the heartbeat in the womb), specifically an "Angelsounds Jumper"...they retail at about £20, which actually seems quite cheap considering that it arrives (in it's little box) complete with a pair of airline quality headphones, a (.wav capturing ready) 3.5mm male/male jack, and a shrink wrapped 9 volt battery (squashed the wrong way round in the battery slot - one of the contacts was actually bent and needed straightening) as well as the device itself (which is equipped with two female 3.5mm slots so you can either both listen together (aw!), or have one set of headphones and pipe the other output into another device)...the idea is, you turn the power on, select the volume on the control on the front (we have never found any reason to have it anything less than maximum) and then use it to contentedly listen to the little one's tiny heartbeat...in reality, however, our experience was rather more this sort of thing -

Step 1 - Plug it all in, turn it all on, put on the headphones...tap the sensor and hear a corresponding noise...all is well...
Step 2 - Attempt to locate the babies heartbeat, hear something that might be the heartbeat, listen for 20 seconds but then decide that it's probably just breakfast being digested
Steps 3-10 - Try positions all over the entire bump failing to hear anything other than the "thunk" noise when the sensor makes contact with the skin (which annoyingly also sounds a bit like a heartbeat)
Step 11 - Start to worry that something is wrong with the baby
Steps 12-19 - Search again, pushing a bit harder
Step 20 Attempt to find mothers heartbeat and fail
Step 21 Attempt to find mothers heartbeat on the correct side of the chest, and fail again
Step 22 Attempt to find fathers heartbeat, fail, then assume the bloody thing isn't working properly
Step 23 Change the battery, try some different headphones, stick it into the surround sound and turn the volume up to 25, try the same thing with the laptop and fluke a recording of 4 seconds of fluffy sounding heartbeat in between breaths (which stop it working), then loose it again before you can get a decent capture
Step 24 Repeat steps 1 to 19 but this time using some lotion of some form, imagining it might be a bit like the ultrasound machine then clear up the mess you have made, wipe the machine clean and put it back into the box, feeling annoyed...

In fact, having a bit of patience was the key, long after I had assumed that either we were so inept at using it we were never going to get anywhere or that it had been dropped once too often by the postal service on it's way to us, Flyingpops was still to be found, sitting quietly trying different positions, until suddenly, her mouth and eyes opened, a hand shot up to summon me over, I took the airline headphones and held them to my ear, and there it was, the tiny, rapid woosh, woosh, woosh of the babies heart...amazing... ;)

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Flyingpops said...

... but each time we go to record it, he moves and i have to start again!

MJ is definitely my favourite radio station these days! I can sit for hours hunting for a noise and then listen for a few minutes, before passing over to his daddy so he can hear...