15 April, 2009

Volkswagen Beetle Pram - Bugaboo Frog

Okay, here we go, proof positive, the Bugaboo Frog (or "Chameleon" as the slightly newer version is called) fits perfectly in the boot of the VW Beetle -
Bugaboo Frog in VW Beetle
Bugaboo Frog in VW Beetle
- there is even space left over to stash a few bags of shopping...Phew (you won't believe how much of a concern this has been)! :)

And actually (the sharp-eyed among you will have noticed) you don't even have to pop the wheels off to get it in (which is a bit of a relief), it really is the cleverest pram/stroller/thingy I have ever set eyes on (as I noted before), folding completely flat (if needs be) -
Bugaboo Frog (collapsed)
- even the cot part collapses to a completley flat state with the removal of two bits of black plastic (one on each end), here it is all ready for the off (with rain cover) -
Bugaboo Frog upright
- and when the baby is big enough, you strip out the bed fabric (it's attached with velcro) and put in the seat fabric and it transforms into a push chair! You can spin the bed or seat around by 180 degrees to allow the baby to either face towards you, or the pleasant view ahead, and the handle flips over to either the front or back (with the push of a button) to allow the highly maneuverable wheels to be at the front (for town driving) or at the back (for off roading), the attachment on the chassis even works with the car seat we have got, so, in theory you could leave the top part at home and just bring the wheels, snapping the car seat in as the push-chair seat...it's all terribly clever... ;)

This isn't the finished article though, Flyingpops is busy shopping for all new, flashy coloured fabrics to customise the sleeping/sitting areas, and I think some new wheels are on the cards also (as the newer Cameleon ones are filled with foam to prevent punctures - and that would never do)...!  

It really is starting to feel like we might be almost ready (and we still aren't even half way through the pregnancy), but then with Flyingpops involved, what did you expect?  ;)


Tom Hopwood said...

LOL, that's amazing, bet it was designed by Apple. You certainly 'aint gonna be caught out with that level of preparedness.

Ys said...

Hehe the things you get excited about when you're having a baby... ;)

Flyingpops said...

I've always loved a good set of wheels and lets be honest, driving a bug, could I be driving MJ around in anything other than a bugaboo?!?

Vic said...

thanks - you've just answered my question..
and yeah we're due i have a b ug and we're about to buy one.