01 May, 2009

Finks Links #62

Gosh, I've been so busy this week it's incredible there are any links to share at all, but I do have just a few interesting bits for you...really looking forward to the bank holiday coming up, in serious need of a long snooze in the warm weather...!

Anyway, this was pretty amazing, give it a second or two to get going, the idea is to change reality into looking like it might belong in a video game, achieved by painting the old mint in downtown SF with 7 perfectly mapped HD projectors... [video]

Appeal to the inner James Bond in you with this tiny Sim card spy ear (basically a mini mobile phone with no speaker and auto-answer turned on, hide it in a room, ring it up, and listen to what is going on)... ;)

Thank goodness you live in modern times at the discovery of a 43 foot snake in Columbia which would have been able to hunt down cattle(!) (don't worry, it's only a fossil)... ;)

Laugh at what had better be an extremly good can of Pepsi... ;)

Check out German-born photographer Anna Skladmann's study "Little Adults" - a series of portraits, featuring the uncomfortably made-up and dead-eyed children of Russian elites...actually quite haunting...

The Top 10 supercar crash tests (ouch)...

Take a look around Russia's most modern nuclear power station... [pics]

...and last but not least, a great Undercover fail...yep, they'll never suspect a thing... ;)

More next week and enjoy the bank holiday weekend...!

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Anonymous said...

That little adults was really disterbing stuff!!