24 April, 2009

MJ at Week 20 from Flyingpops

2 weeks ago (week 18) I felt MJ move.. it was very light, like a butterfly at first but as the weeks have gone on, its more pronounced and can even hurt sometimes.  On Easter Monday, MJ was tickling me, something that I found very entertaining and just sat in the chair laughing to myself.  I had just finished hovering and eating an easter egg, so maybe he was reacting to the loud noise and  sugar rush (poor thing).  He stopped when I stood up to drive to mums for dinner.  Fink puts his hand on my belly more now and I really want him to be able to feel the movement.  Fink felt the pulse the other day, although I’m sure he thinks I’m crazy every night when I say ... quick...MJ is really kicking, and grab his hand... only for him to feel absolutely nothing!  Last night I discovered that MJ has started reacting to Fink's voice, so if he talks loudly,MJ will give me a little kick – as if saying hello to his daddy... What does MJ like?  Popcorn, chocolate and ice cream... guaranteed to give me a few minutes of entertainment!  Although, I am beginning to get different feelings, So i’m wondering if some are hiccups and some are kicks.... I think its the hiccups that tickle me!

Today is the second scan.. something i’m very excited about, but also very emotional and scared.  The excitement comes from getting to see MJ, I can’t wait and he is so active now that it should be good to see him on screen.  In fact, maybe I should have a naughty lunch so he is really active and they can’t measure and i’ll have to go back!?!?  Then comes the anxiety.. it dawned on my earlier this week reading a forum on www.bounty.com that this scan is a medical examination and so  they are checking for abnormalities and running tests.  I’m really hoping it’s ok, but can’t stop moments of doubt, tears and some genuine uneasiness filter through.  I have developed such a strong bond with MJ and feel an immense love, even though I have not met him yet.  They say a mummy is born the moment she falls pregnant, and I have to agree.  My entire life is now about MJ, whats best for him, providing protection and a stable happy home to bring him up.

Pictures and an update later... i'm just doing a little work from home before heading off to the hospital at 3.40

- update - 

just back from hospital... were there for just under 2 hours and MJ is camera shy... they got most of the measurements and everything is exactly as it should be - heart beating, brain ok, etc etc however they couldn't get 1 measurement and so we have to go back in 2 weeks... no problem as I can't wait to see MJ again... the only downside is that we didn't get any pictures as he was facing my spine (so no chance of seeing the gender either, not that we were going to find out!)... off to Brighton for Fish and Chips and Fink deserves a cold beer on the seafront, so see you later


Ys said...

Good luck with the scan :) I'm sure everything will be fine. I've never heard of a baby tickling before. That's so sweet.

Anonymous said...

I am sure you will be as good a mum to MJ as I have tried to be to you...and as my mum was to me...its in the genes..so you ahve nothing to worry about xxx

Flyingpops said...

Ahh mum, that's so lovely... excuse me whilst I cry my eyes out! You are the best mum in the world and I couldn't have achieved what I have today without your help. xxx

Sarah said...

Tears all round... emotional at the moment, can't think why ;-)
So glad all is ok. You are a very cute expectant mummy.