11 September, 2006

Launceston Steam Railway and Castle

So on to one of the highlights of the break, the (much required) inactive stint of the last few days passed, batteries recharged, we decided to go exploring (this was on the bank holiday monday) around Launceston, which we have driven through in the car at least 20 times and never bothered to actually stop (other than to fill up with unleaded)...it's got a couple of really good things to see as well, firstly the LSR -
Cornwall 2006 #29
- which is a beautiful little narrow guage railway, first opened in 1865 (to form part of the GWR) providing services as far a Plymouth and Padstow lasting around a hundred years, it was reopened in the early 80's running with a rescued train from the Welsh slate industry -
Cornwall 2006 #31
- it's now looking quite mature - a lovingly well tended station, cafe and works to explore -
Cornwall 2006 #32
- a number of engines -
Cornwall 2006 #34
- which shuttle regularly along (a small part of) the route of the original line through the Cornish countryside (past lots of farm animals, a few streams, lots of hills and a couple of "request stops", one of which, at a little farm, a pair of old ladies waved the train down and hopped aboard in order to get back into town (charming!)) all the way to "Newmills" which (unfortunately) is a blantant tourist trap (you even have to pay the entrance fee to buy a cup of tea, or walk along the river) -
Cornwall 2006 #35
- so we hung about while they turned the train round and enjoyed the journey back into town...
Cornwall 2006 #36
- where we stopped to enjoy the 2nd attraction of the day - Launceston Castle (formerly Dunheved) -
Cornwall 2006 #38
- it's a massive Mott and Bailey, originally constructed from wood on a natural rise after the Norman conquest -
Cornwall 2006 #39
- (it's a *serious* rise) -
Cornwall 2006 #40
- the view from the top is absolutely staggering, but it was *really* windy, and the stonework looked rather, well, ruined, so I didn't stay too long, amazing though...
Cornwall 2006 #41
- shot this one, feeling a bit more secure, on the way down -
Cornwall 2006 #42
- then we spent a bit of time exploring the town itself, loads of shops, but only one was open (it being a bank holiday), a charity shop, wherein (had to nick it out of the window) I scored a book called "Tragically, I was an only twin", containing all Peter Cook's notable works, which I consumed in about half a day (and was hilarious... ;)

In more up to date news, Saturday we went and watched Dad enjoying his birthday present (learning to drive steam trains at the Bluebell railway), then we nipped to Laughton to see VodQueen (et al) and watched a succession of people trying to rescue a tank which had got stuck while mucking about on the 4x4 playground (pics later), Sunday watched the Grand Prix (Italy/Schu retiring/very exciting) then over to Flyingpops' folks for a fantastic birthday dinner for Flyingpops mum... ;)

Update - Not sure Sushi is the best thing for breakfast... ;(


Anonymous said...

Did you see any Pixies ?

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

Only on the tea towels at Boscastle... ;)

Daniel said...

Great photos! I love miniature Steam engines.

Hope the fingers getting better.

Tom Hopwood said...

These pics make my walk in the woods a bit tame, it's just that I'm too tight to go any further. Excellent stuff, good to see the finger hasn't hampered your skill.