19 July, 2007

Moo StickerBooks - and London Summer Party

Moo StickerBook button
So, tonight is the big launch party in Kings Cross for the new "Moo StickerBook" *thing*, I love Moo cards, so I'm guessing the stickers are going to be equally excellent (although quite what I am going to stick them on, at this stage, I cannot say)...what I can tell you is that you get 90 stickers for just under a fiver, which is just about the right price for a bit of fun with your photography...just need to take some nice, vibrant texture shots now, although the odd cropped sunset might do the trick too... ;)

Anyway, it's a free party, and Moo are paying the tab on the bar ("for a while anyway", thank you Moo-people)...Renemy went to the Moomeet in SF earlier in the year and said it was a great laugh, so, nothing to loose, might even get some free stuff (in exchange for my free promotion), you never know...! ;)

Oh, *and* we are being taken out for a free lunch by the office too (at Canal 125), so quite a good day today, all in all...! ;)


kim said...

See you later, then :)

I've seen some nice things done with shots of letters on stickers, too. Neon, perhaps? I might spend some time shooting my own Alphabet over the weekend...

Tom Hopwood said...

Damn, you have some fun, almost makes we want to get a job.

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

Yeh...*almost*...hehe...and you could have come to this do, if you had wanted to! ;)

Yep Kim, see you there! Photo Fonts sounds like a fantastic idea, in fact, you could make up friends names by the page and give them as a tear out gift, or to label birthday cards (not presents though, as they would throw them away most likely)... ;)