17 July, 2007

Bug Jam Cometh

Bug Jam 21
Bug Jam 21 is rapidly approaching, the weather report isn't wonderful (light rain for Saturday), and Bug Jam in the rain is a bit of a waste of time (as you can't do any drag racing), even a stray shower stops all the action for 20 minutes while they dry the track out with a giant hair drier (on the back of a tractor), and there really are some good things to look forward to on the track (so fingers crossed it holds off!) - Fireforce 3 (reaches 336Mph in a quater of a mile from a standing start, making it a world record holder over the quarter mile since 2005, can't believe the Americans are so lame!), Blue Max (jet powered, and yet road legal beetle, although the last couple of years it's just looked bloody dangerous) and a Swedish Beetle that can apparently do an 8 second run (about a second off the dedicated drag racing cars, so that should be fun to see, a 160Mph beetle!) and if you have £500 burning a hole in your skyrocket, you can take a hair-raising trip down the strip in the new two-seater drag racing car...this year (also) we have some new attractions, most notably the new Live stunt arena where they will be running Monster Trucks "Podzilla" and "Slingshot" (ooo! Crushing Novas and Saxos apparently), which I'm sure won't be stopped by even a quite determined downpour, the usual stunt car displays, but there is a beetle stunt display promised for this year for the first time, and another first, freestyle motocross (suicidal bikers launching themselves off ramps trying to pull flips and tricks)...On the stages it's Killa Kella (beatbox master, if you haven't seen him then prepare to be amazed) and a Queen tribute band (can't go wrong there), plus dance tent, and hippie "Car Wash"...and all the usual stuff like the show and shine, fun fair, run what ya brung, traders and autojumble...Petrol heads...Assemble! Burning rubber awaits!

Only problem is, Colin the camper is still poorly, he's in the garage today getting a new fuel pump, so fingers crossed it does the trick!

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