20 July, 2007

Bug Jam - rain

Bug Jam - rain
Originally uploaded by finkangel.

Was this really a good idea? Rain still hasn't let off, just eternally grateful that we have the camper to sleep in and we don't have to worry about putting up a tent...oh, and when we stopped for petrol two chaps pulled up next to us in full waterproof gear and crash helmets sat in a beach buggy! We laughed and said 'Woah Hardcore!' and they kind of stood up, absolutely drenched, peeled off the top layer of clothing and emptied pockets filled with water and finally countered with 'F*cking stupid more like' ;)


Ys said...

hehehe sounds like fun ;) Hope it stops raining for you soon...

Sarah said...

We chickened out and have just got home! The swamp was no fun :(