16 July, 2007

Facebook and Twitter

Well, I've had to give in and create a profile on Facebook, there are only so many "invites" one person can ignore...signed up also to Twitter (see the new section on the right in the side bar, which, incidentally was extremely simple to add (just a tiny code snippet)), which you can update from your mobile (just send it a text message, perfect if you get a bunch of free SMS), IM (doesn't support any I use, but they are adding more as they go along), or just from their website...you get 144 characters per post, so it's a bit like a mini blogging tool, there is supposed to be a facebook plugin for it (which should eliminate the need to actually use Facebook too often, as I have quite enough to do without worrying about yet *another* social networking *thing*, Flickr and Blogger already keep me fairly busy during my down time)...

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