23 January, 2007

Snow in Surrey!

Snow #1
Seriously cold this morning! Decided to wear my jumper instead of a shirt (kind of regretting it now as the heating in the office is, well, on the warm side, shall we say?)...
Snow #2
The snow went on for about half an hour I suppose, didn't settle but it did drive all the usually brave commuters to huddle together for warmth in the shelter between platform one and two (me included)...
Snow #3
Oh, and it's funny, but after mentioning the train yesterday, just after I got on board there was a very polite announcement explaining that the reason the train has started coming to a halt further down the platform is because "they" (not sure who "they" are, but anyway...) have moved the 8 car stop sign "for some reason"...so we do at least know it's not a crazy policy change by First Capital Connect (just to annoy the already frazzled commuters), it's someone at Redhill station mucking us about...just thought I would clear that up for you...

If I was feeling delusional I might almost start to think that someone at First Capital connect had read what I had written... ;)

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