17 January, 2007

I only need an eighth...

Respect these premises!
Last night I was in the "Iron Horse" public house in Merstham, waiting for Jinx, quietly playing "Dungeon Siege" on my PSP when the door to the saloon bar banged opened and in walked what looked like a twelve year old girl, yelling quite loudly into her mobile, she perched exactly opposite the sign I captured (after the event) above, only got her side of the conversation, but it went like this -

"Nah, I always get fortie quid on fursdie, vis fursdie I only get twelve, it's bang aat oorda!"
"Nah, thems' rite screwin wiv us"
"So you ain't got none anyway?"
"Nah, and he sed I was fat, I bin wiv me mum all aartnoon cryin' an at"
"Got right 'ome and said like gis a spliff"
"I know...s'well bad"
"aaright, l8rs"
(hangs up)
"Fukinell" (under the breath)
(dials another number, sucking her thumb like a school girl)
"Yeh, nah, I been lookin' round eveywere for sum stuff, innit"
"Nah! U got sum?"
"I only need an eighth"
"So u'll come 'ere?"
"Oh ur sooooo sexy!!!"

The next time I saw her, she was holding a young child (might not have been hers I guess, but still)...

The sign (and sorry for the picture, it was taken with my mobile in very low light) reads - "Anyone caught using or selling illegal substances in or around these premesis will be banned and reported to the police...Please respect these premesis!!!"

So whichever way you look at it, she was being a very naughty young lady (not that anyone else seemed to mind)...

Each to their own, but some candour, please...

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