12 January, 2007

Frankie and Bennys Redhill - Review

Frankie and Bennys #3
Been here once before (in Feb last year), this return visit to Frankie and Benny's in Redhill was by way of celebrating DJMathu's impending transition into a state of wedlock (followed up by a number of drinks in the "Sun" pub)...
Frankie and Bennies #8
Service was attentive (most likely because we were just about the only people in the place), the mens toilet was broken, and the air conditioning was stuck on "arctic" (and remained so despite at least five separate complaints), but the company was good and the food wasn't too bad either, for my starter I opted for the "Regular" sized "BBQ Chicken Wings" (if you go large you get twice as many, but I was worried about finding room for my main course) they were smokey, suitably BBQ sweet and sticky (wet wipe not optional)...not sure what I was supposed to do with the cocktail stick, probably pick burnt bits out of my teeth, but worrying about getting the sauce all over my chops I was careful to make sure it all went down the right way, they must be used to messier eaters... ;)
Frankie and Bennies #9
Main course I went for "BBQ Chicken and Ribs" (with fries), which went almost all the way to doing what it said on the tin, the ribs weren't a patch on *real* American ribs, but because I already knew they wouldn't be (why can't we do American ribs in England...why??) my expections were managed and I quite enjoyed the way the meat *almost* fell off the bone like the "knife and fork" variety from NYC, just a shame the "rack" was about 80% bone and the whole affair could have been neatly fitted into a pack of playing cards... :(
Frankie and Bennys #5
Anyway, a great evening was had (thank you Flyingpops for coming to pick me up!), and the aforementioned wedding is tomorrow, for which (and at which) I have certain duties to attend to, but a few shots, no doubt, when the celebrations and ministrations are complete...

Have a good weekend everyone... ;)

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