25 January, 2011

Thomas got "stuck"...

One of Thomas' newest (and most useful) words is "Stuck!"...it started off being specifically applied to situations where he was genuinely trapped, i.e. having wedged himself in between chairs while under the table, or has slipped off the side of the bed and got tangled up in cushions (and is asking for rescue), he uses it (and has done so regularly) in replacement for the urgent wail of frustration that had preceded it (to which we would naturally answer - "Aw, are you stuck sunshine?" - which is obviously where he picked it up)...

More recently (and without any prompting from us) it's evolved from simply a cry for rescue from accidental entrapment into a polite signal that rather than being happily sat in his high chair consuming food, he has suddenly found himself in a "Stuck!" state (meaning I've had enough now and want to be back on the floor with all my toys)...Flyingpops has been desperately trying to teach him to say "Finished" (when he has), but obviously to very little (current) effect...and, to be fair, "Stuck!" does effectively get the message across... ;)

On Sunday last, we noticed a (brand new) third usage of the word, although quite if it was a comedic use or an outright fibbing one, I cannot be entirely sure...when we went to leave, after a very enjoyable visit to see his little cousin Rose (and parents/their new house), he took advantage of us both loading things into the car to run off down the pavement (as we both kept one eye on him) getting about three doors away before hiding (poorly) near a green wheelie bin and peering back toward the car...both Flyingpops and I issued "Come on Thomas, time to get into the car" type instructions and encouragement, only for him to think for a moment, take two more steps away, beam widely and yell "Stuck!" before toddling even further away!

Cue Daddy running down the road and scooping up the cheeky little blighter yelling "Oh you are sooo *not* stuck!" (to much giggling... ;)

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Tom Hopwood said...

Bless his heart, every minute must be a pleasure.