06 January, 2011

Annual Season Ticket Win!

East Croydon Tunnel #2
Hehe...feeling quite pleased with myself at the moment, in a spur of the moment decision at the tail end of December I decided to ask the office to get me an annual season ticket (to try and beat the impending price rise), last year I largely bought weekly tickets, so (tapping on my desk calculator) taking into account the few weeks of holidays when I didn't need to buy one I spent something in the region of £2784 getting to work (ouch), the average amount a season ticket was going to increase (this month) is 5.8%, so I was looking at having to pay out (roughly) £2951 next year (which was starting to seem a little silly, just in order to get into the office), anyway, when I went to pick up my shiny new gold card (expecting a modest saving) and I checked the price (it's going to come out of my salary over the next 10 months)...it was only £2072...a saving of roughly £879! Better than that - for the first ten months of the year we'll actually be better off by twenty pence (if you can believe that), cherry on the top - the last two months of the year we'll be better off by £202! ;)

So a very Merry Christmas for 2011! ;)


Tom Hopwood said...

God result mate,something that's actually cheaper in 2011 lol. Happy New Year to you three.

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

Happy New Year Tommo! ;)